Born here- disclaimer

But I was born here,
The  Occupiers
Bloody handed war criminals
were my brothers, my sisters
my classmates ,

who grew up
absorbing the same hating indoctrination
I am training myself to rebel against.
I heard the echoes of suicide bombs
as  teens,

attended their funerals,
lost them all to life or or death.

The people who killed,
raided homes,

destroyed property
they were same blood as me
Not washing my hands of their atrocities
I  took part myself in everything they did
by enjoying those poisoned fruits of privileged crowd,
you can count me among those who are not innocent
of those who knew sin & sorrow
of those who are hangmen & victims
all in one pack.
I carry their guilt
their wrong
I got away with mandatory service by lying
but  that lie will not let me get away
from the fact it was my friend who shouted
"Wakef wa la Ana Bitu7ek"
and he.
I did not stop.
No way out of this
no way out
neither denial nor remorse
If Jihad is my brother

carrying suicide bomb
I hug that other brother &

we shall both become shahid
to that crazy love & desperate hate.
I am not the enemy
I am with the enemy….
Far from being Hague court
I hug my brother & the other
my other brother
not righteous enough to judge
but pleading:
arrest me,

arrest me
& send them free
avenge but one of my eyes
count me among those who are/

were oppressed
a child once broken
chanting never, never again.

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