Should we care?

"because it makes us look better…. next to them"

That is the excuse i usualy encounter
whenever I try to reason with myself how I
as an Israeli  looking up human right campaigns and
 information about anti-occupation/
opression movements around the world.
Quite often, Hasbara ( Pro- Zionist propoganda )
uses examples from different countries trying to prove  that others are "
worse than us"
 and that at some places cracking down on opposition movements is more
"brutal" and violent.
3 main arguments can be easily  used
against that approach:
Cruelty doesn't   set up milestones to follow.
 The fact that other places are "worse"
 is not something that should aspire us
"to be like them".
Being listed at the bad company of
North Korea,
West Papua, Sri Lanka
 is not something to be proud of by any way.
Pain is not not mesured by numbers, statistcs.
Pain isn't relative. Every man is a planet of its own,
and the pain of a refugee that exiled from his land,
the pain of a family who had  their home demolished or
a villager that his land expropriated,
the pain of a child who was  accidently shot by our
 so-moral army,
of the student who can't leave Gaza for studies,
the manufacturer who can't export his good,
Child crying at Gaza

The men humilated at checkpoints, the detained minor,the torture prisoners-their suffering is infinite, it is endless,as the sffering of abducted Baloch people,as raped Iranian jailed protesters,as starving north koreans, as slaughtered Syrians.

No place  for relativity of thing that do not stack,
  quantitites become irrelevant and immoral.
Third:   Unless we watch out and be on guard we might soon become more and like
"those horrible places" I've mentioned before.
To be shocked by
"what's happening here and there" might drive us to be more active
and do more in attempt to prevent those atrocities.
It is sadly true that occupation
is not "unique" phenomenon to Israel.
Iran and Pakistan are occupying
the Kurdish and Baloch people ,
Indonesia is occupying west Papua
but unless we take action against domestic apartheid
and occupation at home
we lose our right to say anything about whatever happens "there".
If we speak out against others without deeply looking at
ourselves and acting  for change,
than we are  guilty of being double standards.
But to care, to feel solidarity is only human and sometimes inevitable.
With recognition that my stand &
ability to influence is decreased by me being part of colonialist,
oppressive apartheid regime
I can't do much  for "those horrible places" but listen,
share, and hope that one day Palestine will be free,
so we can have room to do more "for those other places".

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