Thawret Welad ElKalb- Sons of Dogs revolution

#Cartoon - Occupation soldiers are also protesting in the str... on Twitpic

We are Sons of Dogs.
Like Sons of Dogs
we followed Our
Alpha-male generals,
that kicked us
 abused our rights
yet as
beaten dogs do
we re-elected them
out of canine sense of loyalty.
 Our Alpha male generals
are leading us towards
one war  after another,
blood of both Arabs and Jews shed in vain.

But since the beginning of #J14
maybe there is a
spark of hope that shows we may be able to restore our dignity.

I am delighted to see Palestinian intellectuals taking part in the protest. 

I admire their noble, dignified, brave contribution.
I am delighted to see Abir Kopty on tent48,
Ouda Basharat, a great writer and journalist- former Al-Jabha member,
and the famous beloved writer Sayed Kasho3  making public speeches at the protests' assemblies .
Those honorable people make me think we can overcome
a system that doesn't work for us ;
recover from false conscious created by many years of Zionist indoctrination.
I am happy to see Hatikva (slum) residents,
people that are not usually affliated to the Israeli Left chant with the Palestinians of Yaffa: We refuse to be enemies.

I do realize that this tag stirs high emotional levels ,
that it provokes the Jewish developed sense of paranoia.
I think instinctively my first reaction would be a "Gewald Pogrom" shout-out.
I realize this tag includes a lot of hate speech,
but I also believe that the hate/ anger
  are already there- and not without any reason.
I think that having the anger, hatred, harsh criticism
surfaced may give us a chance to confront them,
dialogue and debate.
And perhaps not just argue & debate,
but also be motivated to do more than we do now
in a struggle for equal rights for people on this land.
Perhaps we can challenge ourselves with disturbing  truths,
points of view of people who hold us responsible
for all the evil doing of the occupation, as individuals.
Maybe we can learn to include them without going straight
to defense/offense mode.
My own experience taught me that interaction
direct interaction with the "Other" is a good way to be
cured from racism.
I truly believe that many of the fiery twits on that tag
are coming from Palestinian refuges from abroad,
that have no other
way to be engaged in Protest against occupation
but writing scorching fiery commentary
(see Ouda Basharat's article in Hebrew for more)
It's not that I think that this tag is all about antisemitism.
I can identify myself with a lot of things tweeted.

This week: 
on-going  IOF attacks on protesting villages as
Beit-Umer, Nabi Saleh, Nialin that were not denounced publicly by #J14 leaders.
RT : What do Palestinians want from Israeli leftists? Me: support for full equal rights.

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