Not feeling at home @ tent's protest #j14

#14J protests arouse  mixed emotions in me :
This protest goals are targeting issues that concern me as a private person.
The cause of the protest is about conditions I've  dealt and dealing with,
me among many other young people who struggle for living.
Living in Tel Aviv is very expensive-
even if you work very hard and stick with a very humble living style.
(that is why I had to leave)
Another thing is,
I am filled with joy as I watch masses of
Israeli people taking to the streets, demand social justice.
this comes after such a long period of numb apathy, and it makes happy.
The moment where people are standing up for their rights,
taking responsibility for their lives rather discharge it to the hands of opportunist politicians is a beautiful thing.
(See Gideon Levy's piece on it here.
On the other hand, there's the feeling inside of me that
any protest that does not demand directly to end the occupation is wrong.
I don't know much about economy,
if anything at all,
but I feel that the economic policy of Israel reflects its  human-right policy
and national security policy:
And I until that won't change,
poverty in my opinion will remain as a side affect.
(see here for more)
Another thing is that if I come,
I will be carrying a political agenda that does not correspond well with this protests' manifest.
I don't want to feel or be accused of hitching or protest-jacking,
although many of my fellow activists do not share  my feeling and are engaged with grassroots project  like the tent in south Tel Aviv, at Levinsky Garden that includes asylum seekers as well as drug addicts, more discriminated sectors in the society. There is also a disputed arab-jewish tent in Rotschild boulevard that had been attacked, as well as 1 in Yaffa
(standing out against gentrification of Ajami neighborhood as  well) and Ramle.
I say this on behalf of my fellow activists that have managed to add that "political" content to the protest and promote awareness to the Palestinian/arab housing rights.
The housing problem in the Palestinian-Arab sector is worse for several reasons: first, many were evicted from their homes either in 1949 or 1967 wars and was not compensated. Second of all, they are subjected to Legislative violence that confisticates their lands, demolish their homes and denies building permits from them, leaving them with no master plan for developing their towns.
Personally, I am not feeling very comfortable with this renewed unity based on nationality- this solidarity, so far, despite the encouraging sparks of Yaffa, 1948 tent & Ramle remains mostly a Jewish Israeli thing so far but I am following and may join if I feel that's right for me.

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