| a letter to an IOF soldier מכתב לחייל

Hello Sahlo, you seem like a nice guy and that is why I can't hate you, although you are part of the occupation forces and god knows what war crimes you've already committed and what you might do in the future. I wanted to go back to the conversation we  had while you were assigned as my guard  during detention. 

You kept saying you are feeling sorry for me,  that I bring suffering upon myself in vain, and that's a shame. I must tell you that I think I felt more sorry for you than you did for me. I asked you what are you doing in Nabi Salekh, the same question you asked me. You said you were serving your country. I asked you how?
The village of Nabi Saleh is populated by un-armed people, many of them are women and children. 
This is not an "extremist" village. You couldn't tell me about one case that those people ever harmed any Israeli, save for the stone-throwing that is provoked by the soldiers' invasion to the village that occur every friday.
 You said that those people might poses illegal weapons. If so, I said, why can't the Palestinian local police handle them?
You had no answer. I continued to tell you that that if those people are not extremist yet, they might be, being subjected to such brutal oppression.
You said that the village hostile. That is such bullshit. You said you are protecting me from being hurt by the villagers. None of us was ever hurt by any of them. In fact, they are most formidable, warm, welcoming people. And that is part of the reason we keep coming every week: because we like being there. Those are REGULAR PEOPLE LIVING THERE. Not malicious guerrillas,no terrorist shells. Just normal people that are trying to live their life despite the occupation and maintain their dignity. You said  IDF sent you there, and that the army makes no mistakes.
What about Bilin annexation fence,that cost the lives of 2 palestinians and so many injuries ?that cost 18 million NIS to dismantle Do you see terror attacks coming and you still have the wall.
 What about Hebron (Al Halil) with its closed Shuhada street. Didn't 4 generals determined  that the old city can be secure without segregation of  the merchant's sect? 
These are not their lands you said. Those are our  lands. Look around you, I replied- see those ancient terraces? See how much effort people made to cultivate those lands? Those people have been living here for 300 years. In what right you confiscate their property?
(You should know i think because you weren't born here. Or at least, your parents didn't. I wonder if you serve in the army because that is a way to merge within the Israeli racist society that will discriminate you for the different colour of your skin and that is why I feel twice as sorry for you).
One more thing  I will tell you Sahlo. They are saying NOW is the time to choose. If you want a JEWISH state to exist- you should support retreat to 49' truce boarders, because that is what international law demands. How long do you think a weakened America keep Israel as its most sponsored asset without this?
How long will the IOF last without the american military aid?DO you think it will last long? and yes, 49 truce borders exclude Nabi Salekh  from Israel's territory, and really, you have no reason to be here.

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