Bili'in Protester on his appearance in Press TV: hopes to inspire Iranians to non violent resistance

I was overwhelmed  watching this video.
Not because anything said, filmed or the way it portrayed the popular struggle. I was infuriated to see it on PressTV, iranian news network that is supported by the Iranian government.
While Ibrahim Housseiny, the reporter gave a fair and honest description of the demonstration, his employers, PressTV have failed to do the same for their home-ground protesters and non-violent resistance movement. PressTV portrayed the green movement activists as violent thugs that have ties to the terrorist organization Mojahedin-O-Khalek, brought to broadcast forced  confessions of opposition members, and systematically ignored major protest events, as well as the abuse of human rights of Kurdish and Baluchi people.
Much frustrated, I turned to Waji Burnat,  a most formidable man of Bili'in village whom I got familiar with during the protests and asked for his comment. I know Waji as a peaceful, moderate man who wouldn't tolerate injustice of any kind. His son, Rani became paralyzed in his upper body after being shot by an Israeli sniper during the demonstrations. Here is what Waji has said: first of all, he did not know he was being interviewed to this Iranian news network. second of all, he said he wishes the Iranian people will be inspired and join the non- violence resistance to any kind of oppression.
I got his permission to share his words on my blog, and so I do, joining his wishes.   

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