This week in Ma'asara -Hassan, a prominent public figure in the village
 held the megaphone and gave a small speech what this week's protest is about.
Those protests are being held week by week,
 friday by friday and every time I've been there I've witnessed
 Hassan giving a brief about current events in the Palestinian's life under the Israeli occupation.
Two weeks ago the "theme" of the protest was the need to boycott settlers'
 products- & enforce a boycott that specifcly targets Rami Levy (discount super-market company).
This week before the protest began Hassan spoke about the mosque and quran-
 burning in Al-Fajir,
according to Hassan this is the 18th mosque that is being attacked by settlers.
He also spoke about the plan to establish a new settlement near
an exsiting settlement named Nokdim.
About the 3 palestinians who were killed in Hebron. (If I recall correctly).
About the up-coming olive harvest,
 and the troubles that the farmers might face trying to access their lands.
 His will , as he expressed it is to have the settlements and the
 settlers removed from the Palestinian land. That is in his opinion the condition to peace.
I need to remind myself that those settlements are built on account of Palestinian land, and that Al-Ma'asara and the nearest village have lost  about 2,500 dunams that were used for agriculure, and that many villagers depend on those lands for their very own living. I also need to mention myself that those settlers have very little respect, if any towards the original population of the region.
It is important for me  to listen carefully to what Hassan is saying.
 I believe he knows what he's talking about. I believe he speaks out the will of his people.
Hassan spoke at the end of the protest as well, this time I managed to record his speech

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