IDF soldiers break civil order in Beit Oumar

source: My say site. Written by Hagai Matar

This sutarday,31.7 villagers of Oumar went on action of
non- violent civil protest against confistication of their land
to build israeli infrastructures;
The villagers also suffer
expropriation of the land by the nearest settlements ,
that constantly expand on their account.
Exproriation of land as done in Beit Oumar is
against the international law.

The expropriation is backed  by IDF  who declaired the land as a
"closed military zone".
This  order only refers to the palestainin people and their supporters,
as settlers can freely move in the area.
The people of Beit Oumar went to work in their fields,
as Beit Oumar is known for its agriculture manufacture:
many grape vineyards surround the village,
as well as hundreds of apple ,cherry, and plum trees.
IDF used tear gas and shock grenades to disprese the villagers.


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