why would Israelis support BDS?

I am a jew. I live in Israel. 
Therefor- I am unable to "boycott" israeli products
I am not sure I would have done so even if I could.
I was born here, and I am living among my people. 
on the other hand,
I find it hard to ignore the BDS
movement's  advantages:
It's offering  a fair  chance to voice out a cry that
i'm holding inside,
and i think other Israelis share with me:
When Israel, my mother-land commits
in war-crimes against civil population-
as it did during cast lead operation,
if it deprives people from
basic human rights 
such as freedom of movement,
freedom of protest and Gathering
(as in Biliin and Nialin-
villages that suffers most from
the route of seperation wall,
were declared as
restricted zone by
IDF in order to prevent protesters
from gathering ),
it  does so as a government policy.
The government was fairly elected.
It reflects the votes of  the majority of Israelis.
But it is also taking actions that are in my opinion –
immoral. Not right.
Showing support for the BDS movement
gives me a chance to say:
Those breaches of human rights,
The policy the Israeli government is 
implenting have made its
implications on me.
as well other young israelis
: The result-
 if I may borrow words
of another israeli blogger-
a quiet despair that leads to a feeling of being
ailenated from this country.
While I wish things would change.
BDS campagin gives a hope, a chance that things can change,
but not in a violent way.
 It's painfull , it's not easy to be such a "traitor",
to give up on "national solidarity",
to give up on many beliefs I've had about 
"jewish state of Israel as  heaven of democracy in middle East".
But with all the feeling of 
un-comfort and fear – I would like to believe that BDS ,
can achieve its goal and be effective as Shirin Ebady, 
not in a way that would hurt the innocent people,
but will force the government to bare the responsibilty for
disobeying international law &; breaches of human rights.

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