Point of view 2

Give a shout- out because 
this land is so full of thieves,
all kinds of evil doers.
So Hamas has a suicide bomb.
I hug this "Other brother"
and we both become Shahyds 
of this "crazy love"
for Middle East.
I go to sleep every night and
I keep dreaming about Gaza Habibty.
Whenever I close my eyes,
Gaza Habibty is still there 
and I will NEVER FORGET!
I go to sleep EVERY NIGHT
and I am praying for a new dawn in Middle East,
than I wake up to discover my heart was
hacked in Shahriwar,
during this cyber-summer- 2009.
I was only dreaming about empowerment via compassion.
I was only dreaming about empowerment via dialogue.
For I am hurt, and not asking for cheesy kindeness:
I am asking for freedom and Justice,
like any other person that was opressed,
hurt, abused before.
and I am talking to myself
about myself only,
about what I have learnt and witnessed:
No one can take that away from me.
That is my truth, the only:
some proud people would rather die than not be free,
and that is all I know about myself,
what's it like to be me.

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