Living in exile from the sacred herd

#settlers : This is a slippery slope, placing Halakha,
jewish law over #democracy.
This Halakha is given by your Rabbis:
those Rabbis have political agenda.
That agenda places nationality above human rights-
who can approve this?
who can say G-od have chosen to put lives 
of young children in danger?
that G-od wants MORE bloodshed while dialog,
compromise, reconcilation  is an option?
#settlers: using bans, boycotts to deny the "other"-
be it a woman, an arab, an opponent
from right to be heard.
You declare yourself as the "chosen"/"Holly" herd.
You choose what to sacre and what to disapprove.
By doing so, you choose your way, 
to create jewish-identity that is based on nationality.
But there are many other ways to be jewish and seek justice,
no one voice exists to listen to the holly commands.
There is more than one way to be jewish-
You go your way brothers, for I have chosen mine,
with a broken heart, with an identity that's torn appart,
I'm an exile among you- looking outside the meddling crowd,
making my observations as a free individual:
when I look at bursts of brutality, 
spurs of fascism and racism,
as depicted in the news-
I am so ashamed that once I used to be one of you.

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