IS GOOGLE WAVE A Human SN attack on our mind:

a. Google wave is not shared with any poor people like us. It is Only Given as an act G-Google_geek charity project. So- Google-Greenie -Geeks-Bots Google- I was being Bing 2 Death by Bing I hate Bing- I only worship 1 divine shadow and this is this russian jew that U can't be his friend- the one that stole facebook. I mean- Isn't Google a Jew like Sergey Berin?
Isn't Borat =Ali G=Bruno
Evil Lolbot Brother
I me- what D hack
I mean Facebook already confessed it was stolen by that JEW Marc Zuckerberg.
So we know that every G8 Green Revolution Need D Last Brunnen G Jew to help it+
Farsis are cute and handsome geek- shaa Nama is Like Brunnen -G. And we don't have any G here. Well we don't have G users – so how R we to support the Velvet Revolution?
U know that an edgy User is a common Primate and we need to handle that so come on Google support ur Greenie Geeky G Girl to a human wave user Please- I want to have 1 for Free

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