Israeli & Irani actvists back2back 2 each other-why

You're asking me how could I shudder at the sight of the police shooting protesters in Iran, when Israel shoot & kill Palestinian demonstrators in Wadi Ara, Bilin & Nialin? Well my friend, this virtual entity called “Israelis”, like “Iranians”, “Palestinians” or “Americans” doesn’t have ONE voice. Those who oppress Palestinians willingly and those who care about human-rights might actually be very different people!

Maayan Eshed
Maayan Eshed

I would also like to add that personally I was not passive neither silent during cast lead operation. 4 months all I could see or dream of was Gaza. I could not comprhend what happened to my people. I was so scared. i was looking over facebook reports & pics of Gaza. I saw the faces of D dead children and posted them to my blog – surely I didn't do it beacuse I wanted to be a top=blogger. I suffered so much during Gaza Strip War. Ofcurse you cannot compare what I've been through- PSTD etc. To the pain and suffering of the innocent civil victims.
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Maayan Eshed
Maayan Eshed

I thought IDF entering Gaza strip a bad idea 4m the start. Still I thought Israel has right to protect herself against Hammas but this cannot be achieved by militant attacks.
I say: Akhmadi- U should stop meddling our inner affairs. U should stop giving money to Hammas. You should stop using Hammas People as your puppet warriers. This is not fair. You should solve ur inner affairs by marg baring urself to oblivion.
You should stop teaching Hammas people it is OK to hurt Fatah over political debates. and Israel should not have entered Gaza from the first place. I hate those evil larlords, maybe they just want us all citizens dead I don't know. Maybe they love it when boies pile up. Maybe it makes Govs happy.
Marg Bar them all.
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