Orphantubes Project

Adupt OrphanTubes,Pics and SO.Join my COSE!

posted ‏‏Jun 29, 2009 3:59 PM‏‏ by -LoveLappa אור כוכבים

Dear Cybers,
I need UR HELP!
Utube is flooded wit many raw tubes – containing severe crimes against humanity.
I don't know where those tubes come 4m- and i'm afraid 2 ask. Maybe they were transffered via Torrent clients, maybe via Tor.
I cannot say if their source is verified-
but I think that if we have any evidence that violent crimes R committed Under a vow of silence we must not turn our heads.
Some Tubes content may suggest that PPL risked their lives 2 make them,
and I think it's 2 important not 2 watch, and it upsets me that many of those videos have so few little watches
– I think we deny suppressed PPL from the pleasure of being heard.
And i know how much I crave my own tubes 2 b watched.
I don't trust Utube wit such sensitive content.
Utube was a savage at me last year, blocked my account B/C I uploaded a video-Art that depicted my own rape case.
My Rape Case was all over media, But Utube didn't care 2 check it out- a lawyer was paid 2 write them a letter and Utube
just deleted my account and all of it's content witout any questioning- or even give me D chance 2 make a backUP copy of it.I
am asking 4 help b/c there R 2 many of them out there, and I can't adupt them all.

1. Capture Orphan Tube
You can either download it via WWW.file2hd.com or Fastone (or any mean U have
2. Make sure 2 Blur any detail that might identify Protestors

Gov agents like Gerdab.ir are polluting web wit their evil slunderring
for Blurring there R many options even if u're not a Pro- it can B done via Picasa/Microsoft Photo Story.
3. Upload it 2 Picasa/Utube account that u have-
prefferbly I think it's best 2 use Ur own domain- safer.
4.Tell Ur friends about Adupting Orphantubes and recruite them 2 forsake D value of Love/Hummanity.

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