Isa Shekhriaz Fars Wiki

Isa Shekhriaz is Politican Figure and a Journalist

Former Cheif Memmber of Irani Minisery of Culture and

Educaion during Khatami Govern Period

Also he has two children- a 27 years Boy called Mehdi

a student living in New York and Tehran and a 19 years old daughter named Mahtab.

Isa Shekhriaz was born in Abdan and moved to Karaj.

Isa Shakhriaz graduated highschool and elemntry school

in Karaj.

He studied at Tehran University and earnt an academic degree on Economy Studies. He moved to the Uninted States and worked as Chief manager of Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNI) and Consultant in New York.

As Khatami established his Goverment1(1376) he returned to Iran and began to work at Aittollah Moherajani's Ministry of Culture and Education.

At year of 2008 He published women's magazine and faced trial by Irani Court of Justice that was not willing to let such content to be published and distrubuted without proper license.

Court's Verdict banned him from carrying politcal or public role for a year.

Later on he founded an association for Free press – to defend Freedom of speech in Irani Media.

He also worked as head of Aftab monthly publishes. Court responded with banning him once again, this time he was also forbidden to publish his articles in "Economy News" magazine.

Also ,Aftab monthly was not allowed to publish anymore.

2004- He was attacked by Mohseni Ejehei, President of

Special Clerical Court

because he published an aritcle about relationships between boys and girls. Mohseni bitten his shoulder but this assault was not invesitgated or handled by Akhmedinejad's Regime.

He was arrested during Iran Post-election Unrest on 12.6.2009.He was arrested at North of Tehran and taken to an unknown location.
A week before that he was asked to meet with IR prosecutor
Saeed Motzarvi AKA. Butcher of Press
in order to defend himself but was unable to do so because he left Tehran a couple of days before. Right now any contact with him can only made via Prosequtor- last vital sign recieved from him asked his relatives to supply medication for him and noted his phisycal state is not Well.

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